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Welcome to The Barkby and Barkby Thorpe Parishes Action Group (BABTAG)

BABTAG was established in 2008 to oppose national plans to accommodate Leicester City overflow by creating a New Town of 4,500 houses and business units next to the parishes of Barkby, Barkby Thorpe and Hamilton Grounds. This proposal was originally known as the Thurmaston SUE (Sustainable Urban Extension) but from April 2013 has been renamed the North East Leicester SUE.

 Now that funding agreements to provide essential infrastructure are in place between the developers, CEG, and Charnwood Borough Council, building of the first of the 4,500 houses will start in 2017. At our recent AGM, it was unanimously agreed that BABTAG should not fold but define a new purpose and direction for its future activities. Going forward therefore, our campaigns will be based on these four principles:

1. Defending the rural identity and integrity of the parishes of Barkby and Barkby Thorpe and the eastern edge of Thurmaston during the development of the north east of Leicester SUE.
2. Making sure the developers deliver on their public commitments to provide community services and facilities, and honour all Section 106 agreements
3. Monitoring the impact of traffic mitigation measures and to campaign for more if traffic through our villages rises above the predicted levels.
4. Ensuring, as far as possible, that these aims represent the wishes of local people

BABTAG wishes to acknowledge the great level of support it has
received from the local community since it began in 2008 and we trust that our loyal followers will continue to support our aims stated above.


'The 4,500 houses - development to go ahead'!

Survey shows big traffic increases in Barkby and Barkby Thorpe

Huge concern over the volume of traffic using our village roads as a rat-run and the likely traffic impact of the 4500 houses has led BABTAG and the Parish Council to seek early implementation of the promised remedial traffic measures.
The Parish Council recently commissioned its own traffic survey from County Highways, which showed:
1. On roads leading to/from Barkby/Barkby Thorpe, year on year peak hour increases range from 4% to over 30%
2. Traffic volumes are high throughout the day and not just at morning and evening peaks. Traffic on Thorpe Lane by the cricket club does not fall below 225 cars per hour on workdays between 6am and 7pm.
3. New measuring points reveal just how busy the roads are. In Main Street, Barkby, weekly traffic numbers in both directions total 58101 with an morning peak hour figure of 14 vehicles per minute. At Queniborough Road, it's 12 vehicles per minute.
4. Speeds approaching junctions are excessive - 40mph on Thorpe Lane and 55mph on Beeby Road on the approach to Barkby School - surely an accident waiting to happen.
BABTAG and the Parish Council are calling for a 20mph speed limit within the villages and 40mph limits and single lane priority restrictions on approaches to the villages. For safety reasons it also wants new footpaths, improved junctions and road bumps and rumble strips.
The traffic survey and the list of traffic control measures have been forwarded to the developers and to County Highways for some hoped for action.
We'll keep you updated here.

Final Go Ahead for 4500 Houses

The final go ahead for the 4500 houses has been confirmed by signature of the Section 106 agreements which detail the developers' financial contributions for schools, health services, transport links, policing and education. Although there is a 6 week period when this can be challenged by judicial review, it is highly unlikely. The developers can then submit a detailed planning application for phase 1 (575 houses on land north of Hamilton and east of Barkby Thorpe Road.) A public consultation period of up to six weeks will follow before the application comes before the Charnwood Plans Committee for a decision, likely late November or December. Only then can work begin on the site. Rest assured that BABTAG will scrutinise the application and use the public consultation to ensure that all the developers' commitments are honoured in the best interest of Barkby, Barkby Thorpe and other impacted areas.


BABTAG members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 10 May, 7.30pm in Barkby Village Hall. The Chairman and Treasurer will be reporting on the last 12 months' activity and the 2016/17 Management Committee will be elected. All current post holders (names below) are standing again for re-election but if anyone else would like to join the Committee, please submit your proposal to the Chairman Owen Bentley by 6 May latest.

Calling all our loyal supporters to become an official BABTAG member -it's free and there's no commitment! Over the past 8 years we've represented your views and are recognised by Charnwood Borough Council as a body that has to be consulted about the 4,500 houses development. To date our membership has been informal but the time has come for you to become an official BABTAG member so the depth of support from the community can be represented. It's easy - simply visit our Facebook page BABTAG1 and like the post about membership or email your contact details to BABTAG Chairman Owen Bentley at owen.bentley@
barkbythorpe.net  And that's all you have to do!

The location of the first 575 of the 4,500 house development is now known. Phase 1, provisionally called 'Melton Brook Village' will be below the ridge south of Barkby Thorpe and north of the Melton Brook, bounded to the west by Barkby Thorpe Road and to the east by Hamilton Lane. Building will start in 2017 and is unlikely to be finished until 2020.

So how will the building of 'Melton Brook Village' impact the traffic on our village roads? With no relief roads operational during the period of construction, the burden of traffic will fall on Barkby Thorpe Road for access north and south and on Hill Top Road for construction traffic arriving via the City Ring Road. A 20mph speed limit and single lane priority restrictions are going to be introduced on all roads into and out of Barkby and Barkby Thorpe but traffic levels are still likely to increase. BABTAG will be monitoring this closelyand reporting back through the development's Liaison Group, on which we have a seat.

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